Your children are kind of a big deal.  We get that!  Not only do we care about their safety, but we also care about the way they are having fun and connecting to God.  While you are in the service,  your children are receiving age-appropriate opportunities to learn, play and laugh.  The children's experiences are designed to help them understand and experience the truth of God's amazing love.  We're constantly working to make this an exciting environment for them and an encouraging environment for you!

Join the fun!

Share God's love with your family!

We want your child to know the things that are most important in their relationship with God.  Here are the three basic truths we help enstill in your children while they are young:

  • 1. I need to make the wise choice...

So I will trust and follow Jesus

  • 2. I can trust God no matter what...
    • Because He is my Guide
  • 3. I should treat others the way I want to be treated...
    • So I will show God's love to those around me.


Nursery- 0-3years

Our Nursery is staffed during services. We have lots of safe and clean toys, books and games for the little ones to play with! Cleanliness and safety are top priority! 

Pre-K-1st grade

Our middle "camping" classroom is full of fun and games for young elementary age kids! Check out our curriculium above to see what kinds of things our kids learn about! 

2nd-5th grade

Our big classroom is a great place for the older elementary age kids to make friends and learn about Jesus during worship services. These kids are encouraged to take their questions to the cross on the wall and are meeting chalenges that help them grow!