Wellington is made up of young families.  So naturally, kids are encouraged to join in! 

Trailhead works hard to ensure that the children's ministry is safe, friendly and beneficial for the children.  We think both you and your kids will love it!


The youth ministry is dedicated to partnering with parents to help teens develop into more devoted and mature followers of Christ. This is such an important stage of growth and personal development!  The youth have age appropriate Bible studies and are encouraged to actively engage in service opportunities.



Have you ever wondered - as an adult - how to really grow in your relationship with God?  Are you ready for something more than a weekly religious routine?  Growth Trails are not only the perfect way to take the next steps in your relationship with God, but they are also great for connecting with other Trailhead people who are walking through similar life experiences.


There is incredible power in prayer.  God initiated this type of communication so that we could express our needs to Him, but more importantly, He initiated it so that we could grow in our relationship with Him.  Do you have a prayer request?  We would love to pray for you.  Do you want to grow in your times of prayer?  We have resources that will encourage you!



It’s not always easy for God’s voice to rise above all the chaotic noise competing for your heart’s attention. The fears. The worries. The hurts and betrayals.  We want to be that friend who comes alongside you no matter what situation you may find yourself in. We pray you will join us and feel the loving embrace of Jesus as you become more and more connected.


"Do not strive in your own strength; cast yourself at the feet of the Lord Jesus, and wait upon Him in the sure confidence that He is with you, and works in you. Strive in prayer; let faith fill your heart so you will be strong in the Lord, and in the power of His might." ~ Andrew Murray

Prayer matters!  At Trailhead, we are absolutely dependent on prayer, along with the Bible, as our relational connection to God.  Do you need someone to pray for you?  Let us know >