The deeper you go with God, the more joy you find in Him.  Growth Trails are small groups of adults that are pressing deeper into their faith and finding new ways to live out the things they believe.  There are Growth Trails for people at all stages of faith and life... Starter, Intermediate, Advanced and the ExtremeTrail.  We encourage everyone who is new to Trailhead to begin with the Starter Trail which will give you a better understanding of all the other Trails.

Current Growth Trails


The Starter Trail helps people get their “spiritual bearings” as they begin attending  Trailhead. This group of adults meets once a week for four-weeks to discuss questions related to the church and to help identify next steps for your spiritual journey.

The Intermediate Community Trail is a
semester-long group  that focuses on developing deeper relationships with others in the church and beginning to engage with the vision and mission of Trailhead.

The Advanced Community Trails are the core of the
Growth Trails. These are groups that are committed to staying together for a year
and they are engineered for greater spiritual depth. .

The Extreme Trail is a one-year group that reads through the entire Bible and meets weekly over to discuss the “how to’s” of incorporating God’s Word into their daily lives.

The Access Trail is Trailhead's Youth program. The focus of the Access Trail is to help encourage a relationship with Jesus in a fun and positive way, while tackling the challenges that our teens face. Learn more about the Access Trail HERE