It’s not always easy for God’s voice to rise above all the chaotic noise competing for your heart’s attention. The fears. The worries. The hurts and betrayals.  We want to be that friend who comes alongside you no matter what situation you may find yourself in. We pray you will join us and feel the loving embrace of Jesus as you become more and more connected.



Friday evening - Saturday morning, October 12-13, 2018

Join us and women from all over Colorado as we grow together in Christ and deepen our faith. 


We currently have one weekly group that meets on Thursdays. We would love for you to join us! Our group meets at the Trailhead building at 8251 Wellington Blvd. at 6:30pm. We may occasionally meet in a home or at another location for fun. Please contact us to make sure you join us at the right place your first time. 

You don't have to be part of a weekly group to be part of the Women's Ministry. We strive to build up women in our church so that we can support our families, eachother, our church and others in our community.  We will do occassional Saturday events throughout the year as well as a few service opportunities that we invite any woman to be a part of! Let's grow with each other towards a strong relationship with Jesus!  


Women need women. Not because we should be a seperate group from the rest of the church, but because we can support each other to build up the church. Now, more than ever, women should be reaching out, stepping out, and speaking out. In today's world we're being confronted with challenges never before faced by any generation. Dramatic social astronomically high divorce rate...a large percentage of mothers working outside the home...materialism that has deceived us into thinking that "things" are more important than people...the media-inspired concept that only career women are fulfilling themselves as individuals. All of this has contributed to unrest, dissatisfaction, and confusion.  As women of God, our self-esteem lies in the immense value that God, our Creator, has placed upon and within us. Our Creator has not only given us a priceless position in His creation, He has also provided us with clear instruction as to our proper place in other women's lives. Whether we involve ourselves in formal programs, such as weekly Growth Trail Groups (which, by the way, I highly recommend and you can find out more about HERE), or we simply choose to care for those in our circle of acquaintances informally, we have a wonderful biblical mandate for such relationships. God's Word promises every Christian woman strength, direction, and support, not only for herself, but for those she wants to help.



Thursdays at 6:30pm


Melissa Norton - Women's Ministry Director 


phone: 970-773-5436

facebook: @ TrailheadWellingtonWomen